Garlic & Jalapeño Stuffed Olives 32oz

SKU: 10406

Like it hot? Double stuffed giant olive with crunchy garlic and a slice of hot Jalapeño pepper. An intense taste sensation!


Health Benefits

Garlic & Jalapeño's Capsaicin (what makes peppers hot) improves digestion by stimulating stomach secretions, lowers triglycerides, has a laxative effect, triggers the release of endorphins, unclogs stuffy noses by irritating mucus membranes, may reduce high blood pressure and may protect against some forms of cancer. Garlic Fights over 72 distinct infectious agents, including those that cause the common cold. Garlic also protects against ulcers and may help eliminate metals, such as lead, from the body. A cornerstone in many styles of cuisine, try throwing a few into you next martini or Vodkatini or toss into you favorite dishes for an extra kick of flavor and spice. They also make a perfect snack to ward off any infections and the countless health benefits of Jalapeño.

Nutrition Facts


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